The Best Mouse Traps

What Are the Best Mouse Traps?

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If someone asked you how many mice infestations happen every year, which number would you pick? A few thousand? A million? Even if you picked a million, you’d still be pretty far off. The number itself is shocking In the United States alone, there are roughly 20 million mouse infestations each year. If you convert that into a percentage of total US households, we can see that almost 7% of all the households in the United States are affected per year. It’s understandable then, why mouse traps are such a common object in most households. They’re necessary in the fight against rodent infestations.

Let’s say that an average family consists of 4 people. That would mean almost 80 million people suffer from a mice infestation each year. Of course, this is only true if there are no recurrent infestations (and there almost certainly are).

From this, we can safely assume that mice are a massive problem. They bring diseases and fright. People often think that they wouldn’t be scared of a mouse or two, but this isn’t true. Humans have a certain fear of rodents; at least most of us do. There’s just something off-putting about them; about how they reproduce way too quickly, how they can eat just about anything, and the diseases they carry.

It’s in our nature to react with disgust when we see these rodents in our homes. Unfortunately, out of all the people in the United States, only a small percentage consider themselves to be adept at dealing with these infestations. Further, where you live influences what type of infestation you have.  Rural areas are more affected by mice, whilst urban areas are more affected by rats.

Why do rural areas have more mice? Well, mice mainly eat fruits and grains. And if you’re a farmer who has a lot of land on which you grow crops… You can see where this is going. Mice infestations can cause a tremendous amount of damage, both to living beings and houses, crops, etc. Most mice infestations can completely destroy crops in a short amount of time. This type of damage isn’t just financial. Losing so many crops to mice infestations does cost a lot of money and is a major financial blow to the people involved, but it also means that the crops can’t be used for food anymore. And if you’re living off of your own fruits, vegetables, grains, and other food items – an infestation is a disaster.

Additionally, mice are a threat to your safety. Keep in mind that they love chewing and gnawing on things as it’s their way of sharpening their teeth and keeping them healthy. They do this mostly with hard materials such as wood, but won’t shy away from other materials as well. Because of this, wires are a target as well. We all know what happens when a wire goes faulty and/or loses the surrounding insulation. A damaged wire is a ticking time bomb; once it goes off, a fire will start and there’s a pretty big chance you won’t notice it in time. After that, you’ll either manage to put it out, or you won’t.

All of the aforementioned hazards are the main reasons behind the ‘hate’ towards mice. Getting rid of mice is a must and there’s no better way to do it than with traps. Let’s check out some of the best mouse traps and what makes them so great!

Victor Snap Trap

snap trap wooden

We’re starting off this list with a budget option. Victor snap traps are exactly what you imagine them to be: Your good old, classical snap trap. They don’t have any complicated mechanisms and are simple to use. There are two primary components to this trap: a metal bar and a pedal. Once a mouse applies adequate pressure to the pedal, the trap gets activated and it traps the mouse.

However, since they’re so cheap and simple, they don’t always work so well, mainly because the pressure required for the trap to activate is a bit too much for such small creatures. Sure, if a mouse puts its full weight on the trap, it should spring. However, mice won’t always lean on a trigger like that. It’s just as likely they’ll grab the bait and run.

Mice aren’t stupid and know their way around the world. If you use bait which is easily taken from the trap, they’ll do just that- take it and flee, without even applying pressure to the pedal. However, most users have reported that the trap works wonders if you use bait which is naturally sticky. It just so happens that the best bait for mice is peanut butter, which is sticky enough to give them a hard time. Plus, they’ll have to do their best and exert extra force to remove the peanut butter, meaning they will more easily activate the trap.

Just make sure you use at least 6 of them all around your home. Try to place them at strategic locations such as near doors and windows. Mice also love to run around against walls, so that’s another good choice.

These traps cost around $7 each, depending on the vendor.

Vensmile Catch & Release Traps

catch and release trap

These traps are great for people who don’t want to hurt the mice in any way. Although most experts recommend using traps that do kill the mice (since releasing them into the wild might cause them to return if they can find their way back), it’s not a bad idea to just trap them and release them either.

Catch & Release traps are unique in the sense that there’s no special setup required and there are no mice corpses for you to dispose of. People generally try to avoid handling dead animals due to an assortment of valid reasons, so if you’re not too keen on doing that, this is the perfect trap for you.

There are transparent catch & release traps that let you see the rodent inside. However, you have to remember that these traps don’t kill the rodent. This means that you’ll have to constantly check the trap to see if something got trapped. When releasing the mouse back into the wild, make sure you take it far away from your home.

Lastly, if you want to use these traps again (after a successful trap & release), you’ll have to wash them well and clean them. If you don’t, the scent of the mouse it caught will stick around and other mice won’t be inclined to enter.

They cost around $15, but you can get cheaper ones if you search hard enough.

Snap-E Snap Traps

snap trap with metal bar

If classic snap traps don’t interest you and you want something more effective and hardcore, these upgraded snap traps will satisfy your wish 100%.

Snap-E Snap Traps aren’t made of wood; wood can retain scents much better than plastic or metal, which is what these traps are made of. You don’t want the scent of another mouse staying on the trap because it will deter other mice from coming close.

It also requires a little bit more knowledge than classic snap traps, but only when it comes to setup. You need to press the bar down until there’s a snapping sound. This is when the trap is ready and set.

These traps are also great for people who don’t mind dead mice but can’t stand blood. They feature a small yellow bumper that covers the snap wire. Many people are happy with the trap, saying that it doesn’t cause as much of a mess as regular snap traps. The only downside of the Snap-E trap is that it doesn’t really work well when it comes to very small mice.

$12-$14 is the price range in most online stores.

Glue Traps – Doom Mouse

These traps are controversial. Some people love them, others absolutely despise them. The reason they despise them is that these traps are as inhumane as it gets. Once the animal gets trapped, there’s no way out. It’s doomed. There have been cases of mice trying to chew off their own limbs just so they can escape (without success).

There’s nothing nice about these traps, but when it comes to dealing with mice problems, they get the job done. Glue traps aren’t as effective as other traps, but they are useful when you can’t place other traps in certain areas (since they are flat, there needs to be almost no clearance above it).

Most glue traps are made with a specific scent applied to them in an effort to attract the mice. However, we recommend using bait as well. This will provide the highest chance of catching the mice. Peanut butter is great, but you can use chocolate as well.

Some great glue traps cost around $15 which isn’t expensive since you won’t be needing more than one or two.

Meida Snap Trap

Meida Snap Trap

Let us introduce you to the most common snap trap these days – the Meida Snap Trap. These snap traps have a unique design to them. They aren’t your usual snap traps where there’s a metal bar. This snap trap is shaped like a jaw; the top part comes down when a mouse activates the pressure plate located inside the trap. It closes shut but it doesn’t kill the mouse instantly, and neither does it decapitate the mouse.

The great thing about this trap is that there’s no blood. The mice die of suffocation (and pretty fast too). However, the Meida Snap Trap is a little bit smaller in size than other snap traps, but this fact doesn’t affect how well it works. It gets the job done and you can reuse it as many times as you want.

Since the chosen material is plastic, there’ll be no leftover scent, which contributes to its amazing reusability.

The price is around $15.

Electronic Mouse Traps – Victor

electronic rat trap

Electronic mouse traps are becoming more and more popular, mainly due to the fact that they kill mice instantly and are relatively clean. There’s no blood involved but you will have to clean it after use. The massive plus side of these traps is that they can last for a long time.

The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap uses 4 AA batteries. This specific electronic trap can kill around 100 mice before the batteries run out, which is great news for everyone who’s dealing with a mice infestation.

It also features a safety switch which doesn’t allow the trap to activate while the door is open. This feature is necessary when you’re placing bait inside the trap. Additionally, there’s a tunnel design inside which prevents children and pets from getting a shock. The downside of these traps is that they aren’t good for outdoor use (due to their electronic nature). It’s best if you use a combination of traps, including this one, to maximize your chances of a quick and effective extermination.

You’ll also need to use batteries with a strong charge, nothing cheap. The trap may not deliver a strong enough charge to kill the animal if you use bargain-bin batteries. That’s bad news for both you and the mouse. The mouse, in this case, won’t die but it will receive a shock which is painful and resembles torture.

Electronic Traps are more expensive than other trap types, but they can last longer and don’t require too much maintenance.

The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap costs a bit over $20 which isn’t that expensive in the grand scheme of things.


Getting rid of mice can be a difficult task, especially if there’s a lot of mice involved. However, with the right combination of traps and proper knowledge, the mice won’t stand a chance. Remember that using a wide variety of traps will speed up the process of exterminating the mice. The good thing about these traps is that they are simple to use and relatively cheap. All you need to do is use the knowledge you’ve gained to your advantage!

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